Tips for picking your luggage

  1. If you are packing fragile items that might break easily and clothes won't provide enough cushioning, go with a hard-side.
  2. If you are packing for more than four days of travel, go with a full size.
  3. Trip length - we can't do rentals less than 5 days, and remember to consider days needed for packing / unpacking.
  4. We have paired full size and carry-on bags so that you can rent a set, traveling in style never hurt anyone.
  5. Speaking of style, our premium selection is on fleek, or whatever the kids are saying these days.
  6. Check out our pricing below: ex. Softside Standard Carry-On for 9 days would be $50, 42 (7 x $6) + 8 (2 x $4)

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Pricing Table

If you have any questions, click the button below and we will be glad to help. We hope you love our luggage as much as we do!

Enjoy your trip!