More Storage Space

Don't waste your closet space on items that are only used once or twice a year!

That is A LOT of luggage, where are the shoes, handbags, golf clubs?

Creative solution, but luggage hanging on the wall is sooooo last year!

Save Money

  • Luggage isn't cheap, in fact, a piece similar to what we use costs over $300 retail!
  • Nothing like paying over $300 for one bag that may be used a couple times a year. 
  • Annual cost of storing luggage in your apartment is more expensive than one 5 day rental from us!

New Stylish Luggage

Due to the expense of buying and storing luggage many bags are used well past their intended longevity.

Not a good look.

Less Stressful Travel

Don't worry, be happy! We clean, test, and inspect each piece of luggage before we ship it.

No trips to the airport luggage store when your zippers break as your packing to come home.