JULY 29, 2016


Chastiny Lewis from LaunchDFW has written a piece on our company, you can read it here: Local Startup Solves Luggage Storage Woes.

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July 20, 2016


Our press release was picked up by more than 139 news outlets including Yahoo! Finance and MarketWatch!

Full press release below:

DALLAS, July 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Michael Coleman saw an opportunity where most people find frustration.  Good luggage is both expensive and hard to store, so Coleman created GoForth&, a company that rents high-quality luggage at affordable rates.

It's a simple, convenient solution to a common problem, and it came about in the most ordinary of ways.  Michael had a coworker who was moving from Dallas to Silicon Valley – a place where every inch of living space costs big bucks.  She couldn't imagine how she would store the SEVEN suitcases she used to go visit her family in India every other year.

Michael Coleman was inspired.

A sturdy, durable suitcase can cost upwards of $300, and most people only use them once or twice a year.  The rest of the year, the expensive bag takes up valuable square feet in a closet or an attic.  "We believe bringing the shared economy to the luggage industry will save people money and increasingly precious storage space," Coleman explains.  GoForth& provides better luggage than most people can afford and eliminates the struggle to store a bag most travelers only need one week a year.

How does GoForth& work?  Travelers reserve a suitcase – available in both full-size and carry-on sizes – at least eight business days before their trip.  Every suitcase is inspected and cleaned before it's shipped to a traveler's door, and simple instructions guide travelers through returning luggage after their trip is over.

Broken zippers?  A bag that takes up half your closet?  Using duct tape to hold your suitcase closed?  That's all over when you rent a bag from GoForth&.  They ship premium brand luggage to any address in the Continental US, and it costs a fraction of what it would to buy and store a bag.  With stylish and dependable bags carefully selected to be both lightweight and durable, Coleman encourages travelers to "GoForth& see your world!"

Offering free shipping both ways and rates that put high-end luggage in everyone's reach, GoForth& promises to make travel more affordable and stress-free.