A Journey in Thai Beers

Back in April my wife and I traveled to beautiful Thailand. The lush forests, beautiful flowers, and stunning architecture are truly something. The food isn't half bad either...

However, none of those things are what I want to talk about today. Today, we will talk about BEER.

There were three beers that I saw everywhere I went in Thailand (Bangkok and Krabi): Singha, Chang, and Tiger. Quick note on Chang, it is pronounce Shang for the uneducated such as myself (the flight attendant was very polite in her correction of my mistake). 

Singha beer.jpg

Singha Beer

If you can find Singha cold, I prefer it to Chang and Tiger. There in lies the problem, most beer in Thailand isn't served very cold and certainly doesn't stay cold for very long in the heat.

Chang Beer

Great beer for a hot Thai day, when  the ice has already melted down, this is the beer for you.

Tiger Beer

Not a Thai beer at all, from Singapore actually. The first time I had this beer was in Singapore and not surprisingly it tastes different in Thailand. That being said, this is a good beer but when in Thailand, go with Thai beer.

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